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Sodium Hydroxide - Caustic Soda Tank

  Insulated Caustic Soda Tank - 10,000 Gallons

Insulated Caustic Soda Storage Tank - 10,000 Gallons

... The typical Caustic Soda tank offered by plastic tank distributors is made from Polyethylene.  That is not the best choice if you are storing Caustic Soda in concentrations of 50% or higher.  If you look at an impartial chemical compatibility guide, you will find that Polyprolypene is a much better material for construction of a Caustic Soda Tank.  Polyethylene of any type will soften and fail due to the attack of Caustic Soda in just a few years.  Most plastic tank companies do not mold large Polypropylene tanks so they just offer what they have, even though it is a poorer choice.  Some may tell you about their special liner or special kind of polyethylene but the bottom line is that it is still polyethylene and Caustic Soda attacks polyethylene.  Polypropylene resists the chemical attack of Caustic Soda and will also handle higher temperatures than Polyethylene.  Check out our Caustic Soda Tanks made from Polypropylene.  Take a look at a good chemical resistance guide such as the one at Cole-Parmer.
  Caustic soda is also known as sodium hydroxide, caustic, and lye. Caustic soda, as a 50% solution, is an odorless and colorless liquid. In all forms, caustic soda is highly corrosive and reactive. Caustic soda solution reacts readily with metals such as aluminum, magnesium, zinc, tin, chromium, bronze, brass, copper, and tantalum. Galvanized (zinc coated) materials should be avoided. Contact with acids, halogenated organics, organic nitro compounds, and glycol should be avoided. It reacts with most animal tissue, including leather, human skin, and eyes. It also reacts readily with various reducing sugars (i.e., fructose, galactose, maltose, dry whey solids) to produce carbon monoxide. Upon cooling, the viscosity of the solution increases rapidly as the temperature falls below 65°F (18°C).
  Caustic soda solution is a stable product but its storage life is dependent upon the storage conditions. If the caustic is exposed to air, a change in the product quality will be seen over time, since the caustic soda solution will pick up carbon dioxide to form sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) solids. In addition, iron pick up is common in carbon steel storage vessels or in lined carbon steel storage vessels where the liner has been damaged. Therefore, minimizing its exposure to air and its direct contact with iron containing metals will extend the storage life of caustic soda solution.
  Much of the information presented here about Caustic Soda storage is from the Dow Chemical web site.  Dow is the worlds largest producer of Caustic Soda. If you would like a copy of a study done by Exxon about the effects of Caustic Soda on polyethylene, reach out by email.
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