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Specific Gravity

  Plastic Storage Tanks are rated with the maximum specific gravity of the liquid a tank can hold.  A tank with a rating of 1.5 specific gravity (SG) should not be put into service holding a liquid that has a 1.8 SG, as an example.  Our Double Wall Chemical Storage Tanks are rated at 1.9 SG or above.  We can even make tanks with higher ratings, such as 2.2 SG, for specific applications. 
... The specific gravity of a liquid tells you how much more or less dense the liquid is than water.  Water has a specific gravity of 1.00.  A liquid that is more dense than water, has a specific gravity greater than 1.  A liquid less dense than water has a specific gravity is less than 1.
  To calculate the specific gravity of a liquid, take the weight of that liquid and divide it by the weight of water.  The weight of water will vary slightly based on temperature and pressure but for our purposes you can figure it at 8.34 pounds per gallon.
Formula for Calculating Specific Gravity
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