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HDLPE tanks are more correctly called HDPE tanks.  HDLPE is a slang term in the plastics industry used to distiguish tanks made from the 'linear' family of Polyethylenes from the 'crosslink' family of Polyethylenes.  Plastic resin producers do not label their products as HDLPE so it should not appear in specifications.  On our listings, you will find our "HDLPE Tanks" under their correct listing of HDPE.  Our crosslink polyethylene tanks are listed as XLPE.  The confusion comes from the fact that XLPE has a material density that falls in the high density range.
Now that our industry has you confused, we'll try to simplify things.  HDPE is the most common plastic resin used to make tanks.  It is tough, chemically resistant and inexpensive.  It is also NOT the only plastic used or necessarily the best plastic to use.  No single plastic is best for every chemical or liquid.  Check our Compatibility Database to find the plastics that will work best with the liquid you need to store.
Listed below are all of our HDPE tanks (HDLPE tanks).  We have Vertical Tanks, Double Wall Vertical Tanks, Open Top Tanks, Horitzontal Tanks, Closed Top Cone Bottom Tanks, Open Top Cone Bottom Tanks and several other types.  We also offer many of these tanks made from XLPE (HDXLPE), Polypropylene and Kynar PVDF.