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Plastic Water Tanks
When it comes to the storage of water in tanks up to about 15,000 gallons, plastic tanks have just about become the default selection.  Other types of tanks such as fiberglass, metal and concrete are bypassed more every day due to the reliability of plastic tanks and their relatively inexpensive pricing.
Algae growth in stored water can be a problem if the UV rays from sunlight can access the water.  The 'natural' color of many plastics including polyethylene is a translucent milky white.  Most plastic tanks are produced in this natural color because it allows the level of the liquid to be seen.  The translucent tanks are not the best for water storage.  When selecting a tank for water storage, choose one that has opaque colors.  The most common colors for plastic storage tanks are a forest green and black.  Each of these does a good job of blocking out the UV rays from the sun.
Unless you have an unusual application that requires the use of high temperatures or another special property, polyethylene is a natural choice.  Be sure to select a polyethyelene that is not XLPE (crosslink polyethylene) since crosslink polyethylene is not FDA approved for potable water.  HDPE or any linear polyethylene is appropriate.
Plastic tanks are rated by the specific gravity of the liquids they are rated to hold.  That basically translates as 'tanks with thicker walls can hold heavier liquids'.  Common tank ratings are 'water only' (1.2 SG), 1.5 SG and 1.9 SG.  When you are storing water, you can use the 'water only' tanks.  They are usually rated at 1.2 specific gravity but may not actually state that.  'Water only' tanks are made for storing water and usually do it well and for a long time.
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