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Plastics in Planes

Plastic Tanks for Aircraft and Aerospace

Plastic parts and tanks are sought out by the aircraft and aerospace industries for several reasons.  Plastics are lightweight and that is important to gaining flight distances and for fuel efficiency.  Plastics are corrosion resistant and require very limited maintenance. 
Plastic tanks come into play in the manufacture of aircraft.  There are a great many chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process and many of them are best stored in plastic tanks.  Contact us for assistance with chemical storage applications.  We make tanks from several different plastic resins in order to get the best chemical compatibility match for each storage application.
Our tanks are made in the USA. Send us an email.   Sales - 713-203-4650 We accept AMEX, Visa and MasterCardWe accept AMEX, Visa and MasterCard.We accept AMEX, Visa and MasterCard.