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Double Wall Tanks

Double Wall Tanks are a solution to safer storage of chemicals.   A double wall tank is a tank within a tank.  The secondary containment tank is sealed to keep out rain, dirt and debris.  When possible all penetrations for fittings should be through the top of the tank rather than through the walls of the primary and secondary tanks.  We have been buildiing double wall tanks for decades.
We use rotationally molded plastic tanks.  In order to get the best chemical compatibility for your chemical, we have several types of plastic tanks available.  We mold Polyethylene tanks , Polypropylene tanks and PVDF tanks in order to get the tank with the best chemical resistance for you.  The different plastics have different continuous use temperatures as well as different chemical resistance properties.  Polyethyelene will take temperatures up to 130 degrees fahrenheit.  Polypropylene will handle temperatures up to 200 degrees fahrenheit.  Kynar PVDF will take temperatures up to 300 degrees fahrenheit for some applications.  These temperatures can vary based on the storage application.
Our double wall tanks range from 75 gallons up to 13,000 gallons.  Just enter the chemical you will store and our quote wizard will offer you the materials for the tank and fittings that rank as 'Good' or 'Excellent' in compatibility with your application.  After a couple more choices your Dual Wall tank quote will be instantly emailed to you.  Click "Chemicals & Liquids" on the menu to get going.
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