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Ethylene Glycol Storage Tanks

Plastic Storage Tanks for Ethylene Glycol

Ethylene Glycol Molecule
Ethylene Glycol tanks made from High Density Polyethylene are a very good match.  We have many sizes of Ethylene Glycol Storage Tanks.   We recommend using a polyethylene tank rated for at least 1.5 specific gravity.  Fittings can be Polypropylene, PVC or Stainless Steel with EPDM gaskets.  Welded HDPE Flanges and Welded HDPE Couplings are also very good choices.  It is important to keep spills of Ethylene Glycol from affecting the groundwater so secondary containment, like a double wall tank, is advised.
We have Ethylene Glycol Storage Tanks in a variety of shapes.  Ethylene Glycol tanks can be Verical, Horizontal, Rectangular, Cone Bottom or Double Wall.  
Ethylene glycol is a stable, non-corrosive chemical. It is widely used in anti-freeze and coolants for engines.  Among a variety of other uses, it is also used in the dehydration of natural gas.
Click Here for a chemical compatibility check of Ethylene Glycol.
Click here for MSDS information about Ethylene Glycol from Fisher Scientific.
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